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Brett Hartman

The Basics:

Born in Philadelphia, raised in Ft. Lauderdale, I distinguished myself early in life as the perpetual tallest kid in class, yet still managed to suck at basketball. I distinguished myself again in 1984 as the first of my graduating class to endure a psychotic breakdown. (Read all about that in my memoir, Hammerhead 84). I spent a lot of time in school: Auburn University, Villanova and Indiana State from which I earned a doctorate in clinical psychology. My sleep-deprived life consists mostly of working as a psychologist, writing whenever I can and raising two rowdy boys with my wife in Albany, NY. Cadillac Chronicles is my first novel.

On being a late bloomer:

Okay, so I'm not that precocious twentysomething you've been raving about. I'm in the late blooming camp, which I suppose could be a cop-out for laziness. But here's how I see it: We late bloomers evolve slowly, yet we persistently stay at it, even in the face of bitter rejection. We're stubborn but malleable. We're also filled with some degree of shame, because we know that the stuff we wrote 20 years ago is garbage. You wouldn't want to read it, and we're forever haunted by that realization. But here's the best part: our writing gets better with age.

The photos:


This is the pier at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, less than a mile from the house
in which I grew up. That little pier cafe is also the place where Alex and
Lester dine before an important meeting.

Auburn University

Here's my beloved Auburn University's Samford Hall.
Despite spending less than five years at Auburn, the
place has left an unshakable mark. The school and the
Deep South always find pathways into my writing.


This is my current city of residence: Albany, NY. Best thing about Albany:
my wife was here on the day I met her. Second best thing about Albany: tons
of worthwhile places to visit within an easy drive. Worst thing about Albany:
knuckleheaded urban planning has sucked the life out of downtown.